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Night Train

from by John Baker



"Night Train" is about a couple's insurance scam gone wrong. They faked the husband's death, and he hid out for eight long years waiting for the insurance payout. Now, he wants his wife to join him with the loot, but she has different plans. If I was him, I wouldn't stick around for the train to arrive. Is that a whistle I hear?

Very loosely based on the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock TV episode "Don't Come Back Alive".

See the live video of this performance in the Photos/Videos page of this website, or at youtu.be/HJK7aNmDdFU


--- Letter dated May 14:

Take the night train down. I miss you so ... it's cold and lonely in this town. I'm tired of hiding out in cheap hotels and running place to place. Its been eight years, I don't think anyone would recognize my face.

--- Letter dated June 20:

Take the night train down. I'd come back home, but the investigator thinks I'm dead and gone. I'm happy the insurance money comes in every month. I just wish you'd come down here and maybe share it with me some...

--- Letter dated August 7:

Please take the night train down. I miss you so ... its cold as bones in this ghost town. We should be lying on the beaches of Cancun just like we planned. You say theres been a change of plans, but honey I don't understand.

If you don't want the fruits of sin
Stay out of the devil's garden, then.
What's that sound? is that a whistle I hear?
Talk of the devil and the devil appears.

Clickety-clack-clickety clack-coming...
Smokestack lightning and the wheels are humming.
The 5021 pulls in the station.


from Tunes, releases December 10, 2019
Guitars, bass, locomotive breath, saxes: John Baker.
Drums: Max Saidi.


all rights reserved



John Baker Battle Ground, Washington

I'm a solo performer and songwriter in the Pacific Northwest.

If you like what you hear, please share my music with your friends, and come to one of my concerts if you're in the area.

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